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Salesforce Jira Integration

Salesforce Jira Integration

Are you tired of the manual effort and duplication of work that comes with managing your projects in Salesforce and Jira separately? Our Salesforce to Jira integration streamlines your workflow by seamlessly syncing data between the two platforms.

With our solution, you can easily:

  • Link Jira issues to Salesforce records such as Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities
  • Track project progress directly in Salesforce
  • Automatically update status and information on Salesforce records when changes are made in Jira
  • Improve collaboration between sales and development teams
  • Customize the integration to match the specific needs of your business.

Our integration includes:

  • A Business Process Review (BPR) where we assess your needs and optimize your process and data quality through automation.
  • A data plan that outlines how data will be synced between Salesforce and Jira and which system will be the primary source of truth.
  • An integration between Salesforce objects such as Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities to Jira's Issues and Projects.
  • An improved workflow where your sales and customer data is linked to your development projects in Jira.
  • Ownership of the code, so you can be sure that the integration is tailored to your specific business needs. No monthly fee is required to keep the integration running.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and disconnected project management. 

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