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The Fundamentals, Basics and QuikStart Packages


How can I get Salesforce to fit the current processes of my small company or start-up on a fixed budget? My company is faced with the same challenges as mid-size and large enterprises like: Tracking Opportunities, reviewing Pipeline, managing a sales team and bringing in new business from Leads.


QuikStart, Basics and Fundamentals Package are implementation packages that get you up and running on Salesforce with the features needed to track Leads and manage Opportunities. Your sales team will be more e cient allowing them to close more deals. You’ll have access to Salesforce features and functionality that fit the way you sell. Your team will be able to use the same platform large Enterprises use.


We will set up and configure Salesforce to your specific business requirements. This includes security, sales process, custom reports and training. See the full list of work included in the packages below

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