Salesforce Sales Commissions

Do you ever wonder why Salesforce doesnt have a built in sales commission solution? We did too and for the last 15 years I have been building custom sales commission solutions for our customers.  After building the nth custom sales commission tool we set out to build an app that we can deploy in your salesforce org to manage your monthly and annual sales commission and Quotas.  

With your ability to track sales revenue by sales rep, total sales and

Total commissions by month, by quarter, and by the fiscal or calendar year.  Each sales person also has their own private dashboard to track each sale and related commission based on their monthly, quarterly or annual quotas.

Each rep has a set quota that allows the sales manager to set quotas for the rep, and track sales revenue to quota obtainment. The sales commission is triggered based on the rules of your sales commission payouts.  We recommend quotas and payouts be created via Conga to provide a pdf monthly statement for each rep.

We have taken this even further by integrating our customers financial system with Salesforce to show invoice payments that trigger commissions for example or when shipments are sent to an end customer allowing a commission to be triggered.

Whether you are a small growing company or a larger enterprise business our G2 Sales commission tool delivers the visibility your sales team and sales management needs to manage sales commissions.

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